Amazing Basketball Shot

I'm not a basketball fan ever, but when I get to see shots like this I get amazed with different and unbelievable shot from talented basketball player all over the world. From small to big league, you'll see one of a kind and really amazing shot or such a dumb luck... I guess they are really talented plus a bit of luck...Watch and see them rock..

NBA TV's Top 10 Amazing Plays of 2007

The World's most amazing Basketball Shot

Another amazing shot in Basketball

Basketball Beater

This one is amazing and funny at the same time, watch out why?

Lebron James Top Ten Shots of 2007

David Blane's Some Magic Collection

Teeth Magic

Beer Magic

Card in a Bottle

Coffee Turn to Money

Ring Magic

David Blane Magic Trick with Tyra Banks

Amazing Guitar Skills

Amazing skills on playing guitar. Andy Mckee is very talented indeed.

Dance - Then and Now

You can relate to this dances. Trademark of dance steps from past to present.

Funny Animation - Chicken Tennis Commercial

Cat and Ninja Chipmunk

I'm not sure what this cat is thinking. Is he being outwitted by this clever chipmunk? Or he is just playing around.

Employees Having Fun at the Office

Seeing the title at first, I thought this is just a simple video of employees who made jokes of themselves in the office. Turns out it's not the case. Check out these talented employees, but don't take my word for it.